Welcome to my recovery blog!

Hello love and welcome to my recovery blog!💜I’m Renae and I am soo excited starting this blog. I have been thinking about it and I am so happy I have started it. 

What my blog is about:

This is my online journal. I will write about my story, my feelings, me, topics I want to discuss, positive post about life and recovery. I am going to make some other posts soon about me and story so don’t worry, babe. You will learn about me! 💗

What I want my readers to know:

If you read my blog, that’s awesome! But I didn’t make this blog to be famous. I made this blog to share of story, and my daily battle through recovery. I also made this to help people.  I want you guys to know,  I am ALWAYS here for you. You can always comment and ask to talk to me.  I would LOVE to talk to you guys. 

Just know:

You matter. You are beautiful. You are loved.  You are not alone, you always have me. And you were given this life because you are strong enough to life it! You deserve happiness☀️ and tons and tons of love!❤️

Lastly sweetie:

I will post tons and tons of positive , self love, recovery, posts. My blog is going to be my personal journal throughout my fight for recovery, and a uplifting blog to read. 💕💕 This blog will be about my life, struggles, problems, and feelings.☀️

Welcome sweetie to my personal journal and loving blog for all my survivors.

Love you babe❤️❤️


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