My day💗

Journal entry:So today was father’s day, and I went places with my dad. I love playing golf with my dad. We went to the driving range today (for thous who don’t know, its where you practice golf.) I really enjoyed it! ☀️ we also ran earns so I drove. I don’t have my license yet but I will soon. It was nice being and going places with my dad, we haven’t had the best relationship these past few years ( I will explain way when I tell you guys when I share my story.) So it was fun! My family and I also watched a movie, its one of my favorites. I love movies!❤️ but right now my little sister is out of town with my grandparents but I will see her soon. I miss her, we have a good relationship now (I will explain why in my story).  Lastly I was reading a book (I LOVE READING AND WRITING, BOOKS ARE MY LIFE😍😍💗) in the legend series the second one. The ending was sooo sad!!!😖😖😢😣 I hate sad endings, but I have to read the next one of course💗

So my day has been good💜

What’s going up on my blog:

I am going to be posting about my life story really soon! So stay tuned for that!

Now its bed time! 

I hope you had an amazing day! Love you babe! 💜💜 Sleep well!


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