1st picture post

So I am here at the roller skating place, its lonely, and I am sad. I hate roller skating but the reason I came was cause of my mom and sister wanted me.  It would be more fun with a friend, but I have none of thous. At least I get to blog!   
As I said in my last posts I told you guys that I have mental illness, major depression and anxiety. I have been suidical, and in mental hopsitals 4 times in the past 3 years. I never choose to have mental illness, be servely depressed,  and suicidal. But for the past 6 months I have choose recovery for the past 6 months. Yeah its REALLY hard, expectly on days like day.  But I just keep going! 💗

And I am having a babysitting job coming up💜 I usually don’t like kids or baby sitting.  But the kids I will be watching are my favorite❤️ could always use some extra cash cause my family and I are going to the beach in less than a month. I LOVE beach, going shopping, buying book (I am adicted to books😘📖),  and jerwerly. So that makes me happy.  Yeah I am up, down,  and all over the time with my mood.  But I am a teenage girl,  with mental illness. 

So now I am just gonna enjoy the good mood I am in now💜💜

Love you babe💗


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