What’s happening in the world me today!

So today has been pretty good so far, I have realized a few things. One is a so worried about my mom’s mental heath that I haven’t been taking care of myself as good as I should. Being a teenage girl with mental illness I need to always take care of myself very well, and not beat up myself for being sad. I am very hard on myself, I need to be gentle with myself. And more so when I am having a hard day, I need to be kind to myself, and not just to others. So when I do feel sad or having a bad day I’m going to start by telling myself: “Renae its totally okay to have a bad day, feel your feelings, be kind to yourself, use your favorite coping skills, and know your pain will not last forever its just a bad day not a bad life. Your not relapsing, just take care of yourself. Love yourself.” That’s what I am going to start saying to myself on bad days or when I need some love. I feel powerless to help my parents, fix everything, and make their mental state the way I want it to. Now I am just going to keeping being there for them, not try to fix everything, keep talking to them, and most importantly take care of myself, and make sure I am happy. Cause that’s the best way to help them right now; make sure I’m okay. The coping skills I use is to read my devotion books, read, write, blog, play with my kitty cat, and my sister, and talk. I need to love yourself, accept myself, my past, and my flaws. I am also thinking of starting a short story, cause I am writer. But idk I might but I not totally sure, it might be a new coping skill. But for right I am just to enjoy reading cause I LLOOOOVEEE READING!!!! haha 🙂

So my day is going good,  I realized I need to take better care of myself, stop worrying about my parents so much, cause I know taking care of myself is the best way to help. So as of right now I am taking care of myself better!! I promise babe 🙂


Have an amazing day babe!!

Love you!!

See you later!

-Renae 🙂

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