Anxiety acting up again

So lately I have noiced that I have been more anxious than usual. I have been shaking SOO bad lately, and the anxiety attacks are back. It’s harder to sleep. This normally starts happening when I am low and my depression acting up. I don’t think my depression is acting up I have just having crazy mood swings. I am a teenage girl with mental illness but my moods are worse than usual. When I am happy, I am on top of the world, but when I am sad, I feel like my sorrow will never end. The moods change within minutes, I never know how I am going to feel one minute to another. I am more emotional lately, and the anxiety attacks can happen at anytime. When I have anxiety attacks I can’t breathe, shaking uncontrollably, and crying. It’s awful, and it’s worse having then at moment. I could have an attack over nothing. Somedays I feel I can do anything, other days no anxiety attacks is the best part of my day (if I don’t have one, then getting up was the best part of my day.) I am just tired of it, idk what’s going on with me. Idk what triggerd this, and I am scared I am going to get sad again. Normally when my anxiety is bad so is my depression. It’s REALLY annoying. I am just so happy mom is calling my psych doctor tomorrow. She’s a good doctor but she’s not always comforting. My last psych doctor was awesome, comforting, really helped me, and it was always easy ️talking to him. But of course he stopped going to place where I used to see. My current pysch doctor really helps me but I still miss my other pysch doctor in some ways. I am just need some med changes, I know she will help me with that. Is she fun to see? Not really but she is really good. 

I have been writing in my book a lot today. It’s really fun, I love it. I also made some earrings which are BEAUTIFUL!💜💜

If I can just get my anxiety and mood swings under control, I will feel much better. 

Now it’s time for bed, taking a deep breathe and going to make the most out of tomorrow!

sleep well babe💗💗

Love you lots!💜

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