️So world🌍

So I saw my pysch doctor today and the appointment went MUCH better than I thought it would. She changed some of my medicine dosages. Since my anxiety, moods have been crazy, and cause I haven’t been sleeping. She says the Meds I am on right now work for me, sometimes you got to change the dosages. That makes me feel REALLY good, because after I got first diagoned I would change to different medicines every month. It took 3 years to find out the right meds for me, and now I have been on the right ones for about 7ish months now. It was soo crazy after I first got disgoned. I was very suidical, depressed, and was going to mental hopsitals all the time. I was being abused during that same time period. Wow, was my life a mess. But now I am stable💗 yeah just cause I am in recovery doesn’t mean my life is easy, I am still teenage girl with mental illness. But I have worked my ass off to get to where I am today! I still have bad days, low points, just recently I had a terrible 3 weeks, but I keep fighting. Recovery is a choice every single day, and I am fighting hard for recovery, everyday. I don’t always win but the important thing is I get up and try again. Recovery is tough but worth it☀️ 3 years ago I would have never imagined myself saying that I am stable, but I am!! And it’s awesome❤️

So tomorrow I am going to therapy, I really like my therapist. Tomorrow I am going to talk about how to handle my anxiety cause it’s been crazy lately, and my moods have been crazy as well. I feel really lonely as well, I have no friends I would want to hang out with and stuff like that. I am have been lonely for a while and just ready for friends. Now that I am stable and recovering I am ready for friends💜

So today has overall been a really good day!☀️☀️ 

Stay tuned for more of my life and some of my story coming up!❤️ idk when and if I post my story on here but totally be looking out for it! But can always count on me posting about my life, days, and feelings!

It’s bed time, hopefully this new med dosage work! Sleep well love!💚

Love you lots!❤️❤️❤️

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