Busy, busy, day!

Today I went to therapy and it went really well! My therapist came me some helpful advise to help with my anxiety and mood swings. She’s the best. Since I saw my pysch doctor yerseterday I am just getting used to the med dosages changes. I was very moody this morning but it has gotten a lot better towards the end of the day, which always help. 

My mom and I got some stuff for our beach vacations we are going on next week. I am SOOO EXCITED, cause this is the first time in 3 years I am stable and recovering. I was suidical the last vacation we had, so that was really tough. But this year I am feeling stable mentally and my stomach problems are under control. I was very sick through Novemeber of last year to April of this year. I discovered after months of pain that I had 5 ulcers in my espagous. But now they have healed and I just can’t eat gluten. So I am for the most part pain free!! ( my stomach hurts when I am upset, anxious, etc) This years trip is going to be awesome I can feel it!☀️☀️☀️

Also today I felt God has been telling me to write Christian devotions again and I did write one today. It made me feel really good, I used to write them a lot, and It’s time for me to start writing them again💗💗 it pleases God and me!💜 

And it homeschooling went really well today and got a tons of homework done. It made me feel accomplished getting what I needed to get done, done. ☀️

A really good day today!💚💚

Take care of yourself babe💗

Love you lots!💜💜


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