daily life and picture post!💗

So today has been up and down. I did homework and school all day which gets old, pretty fast. But I did read some in the book I am reading. It’s Champain by Marie Lu, it’s the last book in the Legend series. It’s SOO good! It’s really hard to put that book down!😍😍 

Also I wrote another devotion, I really enjoy writing them, I love sharing the word of God with people🙏 I wasn’t always this close to God, when I was suidical and depressed, I turned my back far seats from him. But now that I have been in recovery for 7ish months now, I have become really close to him!🙌

The really only big downs I had were getting SOO sick of doing homework and school in the summer. But after talking  my parents (btw I am homeschooled) I don’t have to do school tomorrow and Sunday. I still have to do homework but it’s going to be awesome doing homework then get to spend the day the way I want💗💗 Also I got really down about having no friends. It’s really tough cause my sister has friends over ALL THE TIME, and I have no friends to even talk to. It gets very lonely, sometimes. But I know once fall comes I will be meeting lots of new people at church, at theater class, and homeschool stuff. Yeah I get down about being lonely and doing school in the summer a lot. But it happens. It’s okay to feel sad. The important thing is to take care of yourself💜💜

So I read and relaxed. Also we are leaving for the beach and I CANT WAIT!😱😱 that’s always sometime to look forward to☀️☀️

So it’s been up and down day but I am ending the day on a positive note!💗 

Btw this is a picture I made today, I edit and make pictures like this!☀️

Have an amazing night everyone!

Love you lots!💜

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