Good day? Yes☀️

Today I had an amazing day!☀️

I finished my homeschooling till we get back from vacation! We are leaving Friday and I am SUPER DUPER excited!💗 going to be amazing cause I am stable not being suidical all the time. I am just tons better and everyone else is doing good to!💜 I really just can’t wait!!

Also I went to a worship team hang out tonight. I met so many people and really enjoyed hanging out them. I mostly hung out with this girl, Rachel. She was so much fun, loves old literature like me, loves to write, loves God, loves to sing, was homeschooled, we just had so much in conman! It was really fun talking to her, also I met tons of other amazing people. I am so happy to be a singer in my church’s worship team. It’s a huge honor, cause I am one of the youngest on it, it’s HUGE, thousands of people audition but don’t get in, but I got in!💗 I love to sing, worship God, the people in the worship are so friendly and amazing, and it makes me feel proud of a family. It just makes me feel so proud and honored to be a part of it☀️☀️ its was awesome seeing people so excited to met me, and welcome me to the team. Everyone was so sweet, friendly, and made me feel part of something amazing!💚💚 

Background on my singing:

I have been singing like my whole life, I took voice lessens when I was about 7, for a year. I have sang at my other church’s praise band. But I have never auditioned to be a singer in a HUGE worship team. I was SOO nervous and didn’t have much experience. So when I found out I made it I was sad at first. Cause I REALLY wanted to be on the front line (people who sing center stage, have solos, etc) but I did make it to be a part of the chorus at the coner of the stage. We are a group of about 30 singers singing in the back. I was disappointed at first cause I really wanted to be center stage. But the reason why I didn’t get in the front line was cause of my age (I’m 17, and most people on the front line for late 20’s , early 30’s. I am one of the youngest on the worship team) and cause I am inperienced. But now I am SOO HAPPY AND EXCITED to be part of the worship team!💜💜☀️☀️☀️ I love it already and I haven’t even sang on stage yet!💗💗 I am so happy to be a part of it!☀️ I used to think my singing was just average but I got into a worship team about 80ish (not sure how much people are on it, but I know they are picky and only pick the best of the best)  people out of THOUSANDS!❤️❤️ I went into the audition on pure talent (and tons of practicing of course). It just makes me feel special like I really do have a beautiful voice. I am learning to love myself and making it into the worship team really helped💗💗💜💜☀️

So it’s been an amazing day!💚

Talk to you later, love❤️

Love you lots!💗

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