Packing day!☀️

So today I have been very busy packing for our beach vacation! We are leaving for the beach tomorrow. I am super excited about it! I have a bag full of book, and notebooks! We are going to watch movies in the car rides, so got lots of movies. I am going to be at the beach all the time, at the beach I am going to read, write, tan, and have tons of fun playing in the water! I am going to be reading lots of books I haven’t read yet, YES, and writing in my book. I love writing my book, I just love developing my characters, and the plot line.💗 I am a writer and a reader📖📚 

Also later tonight I am going to a worship team thingy. Only the worship team is going to be there, we will be hearing the word and praising the Lord!🙌 I really hope I meet some more friends and get their numbers. Everyone on the worship is so sweet, friendly, and they are welcoming me into their team. It makes me feel like part of a family!☀️

So I have had a good day but busy, and later worship team!💗 wish me luck meeting friends!💜

Love you lots❤️

Talk to you later!☀️

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