Summary of my Vacation!☀️

I am sure you all have been dying to know how my vacation went, well here it is!

My family and I stayed at the beach for  week and it was AMAZING❤️❤️ Some things we did: 

I went jet skiing with my dad, he drove and it was AWESOME!😱 We jumped over huge waves, annoyed some birds by following them, went so fast, and it’s was just so awesome. I was nervous about it at first, but once we got going fast, all my worries melted away. It was so much fun!☺️

Most of the time we were at the beach. I love just sitting up there reading a good book. I got in the water some to, but my favorite part was being there, reading. I also loved to tan! Now my mom tans SOO well, but my dad is SOO pale. So my tan is better than my dad but not near as good as my mom’s. I look SO much like my mom, thankfully I can tan descently unlike my poor dad.😂 So I tanned a lot to, I still got sunburned but now it’s gone and I am tan!💓 Since I read a lot I finished reading 3 books during my vacation!❤️ 

We went out to eat a lot as well, it’s difficult with me being gluten intolerant, but we did find some fancy and really good places to eat!☀️ I dressed up thoses night, wearing make up, fixing my hair, and put on cute clothes. It was awesome!

Our last day we went SHOPPING!!🙌🙌😍😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️ Okay I LOVE shopping, bought clothes from one of my fav stores, 6 books from Book A Million (I have a book problem😏), and some jewelry. I spent TONS of my money that I have saved up from baby sitting, doing chores, and stuff like that. So now I am broke😂 oh well it was worth it!💗💗
My vacation did have it ups and downs, like the night we fought and I posted the ugly truth, and stuff like that. But I have to say it was my FAVORITE VACATION EVER!😱❤️💗 what really made it special was that I am stable. Last year when we went to the beach, I was sucidal and depressed, so long story short it was awful. Also mom wasn’t doing good mentally either, but this year we are both stable!☀️☀️ 

Idk if I have told you guys this but when I have depressed I have an active self harmer. I wouldn’t cut myself cause if I did my parents would sent my to hopsital. But I did scratch myself, I would get bug bites and scratch them till they bleed and leave scars. 

I was scared going on this vacation due to still having self harm scars, but I didn’t feel bad about them, I felt proud. And you can’t really see them but if you come really close and I point them out then you can see them. But I am proud knowing, I survived. They are my warrior scars showing, I am a fighter, I fought even when I wanted to die, I survived. I am a fighter!💪 

That was my summary of my vacation and some back stories!💗💗

Have an amazing day babe!💜

Talk to you later!☀️☀️

Love you lots!❤️❤️

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