Junior year beginning 

So yesterday was my first day of my junior year and I have to say it was a success☀️ it went really well, of course I had homework and I have even more homework today. But hey, that’s high school. 

Mom signed me up to take the ACT less than a month away, it will be my first time as well. I freaked out yesterday, tbh I am still nervous about it. It just scares me cause I want to success and get into the college I want. First I want to get into Vet tech school, get my degree, then if I still want to be a vet, aply fot Vet school. The Vet tech school I want to go to is the only one in my state, it’s tough to get into, but no where near ️how tough getting into vet school. What I am scared of is failing and not getting into the college I want. Mom homeschools me and says she knows I will do amazing and get into the college I want. I trust her, it’s just hard not be scared, nervous, anxious, etc. But I KNOW I can do it, I work my butt off in school, and do my best. I just have to relax and know I got this. I can take it over again if I don’t like the score. My whole future doesn’t depend on that one test, I can suck it up and still get into the college I want cause my sophomore year I got all A’s. I know my grades will be great, cause I work hard, and study hard. I know I can do this!💜 I just can’t let anxiety get the best of me. I need to encourage myself when I think about it💗 I got this!💗 

This year is going to be amazing♡ I am going to a homeschool co-op class starting in September. It’s where homeschoolers take classes like yearbook, choir, drama, etc with kids their age. This year I am doing yearbook, drama, poerty, choir, stuff like that. It’s going to be good, I can finally make some friends💜 also I am doing a musical starting in the end of this month. Which will be AMAZING, I hope I get a lead role☀️ and I will singing in the worship team, and working at vet clinic🐾🐾  

So today I am feeling good! I hope you all have an amazing day♡

I love you lots babe!❤️❤️

See you later!😘

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