Long time no see👀

So babe, it has been a while since I have been on here and I know you are DYING to know what’s happening in the world of Renae🙊

Well obviously I have been doing lots of school, so that’s has been keeping me pretty busy. But so far I have done really well on all my papers, quizzes, and tests. Junior year started with a bang, with all the hw, but I have done well at school. So I am very happy of☺️ next Saturday I am taking my A.C.T for the first time, which is scary, it’s a 5 hour test. But I have worked really hard in school, and preparing for it. It’s just my first time so the score I get is just the beginning, but I know I can kill it!💪 yes it is very stressful, and school as well. I got this!

My mental state has had its days but overall I am doing good. I am in recovery and I am stable☀️ coming up in October I will have not gone to a mental hopsital in a year!!! WHICH IS HUGE FOR ME!💗💗 because before I started recovering this past year, I have in the hospital every 4-6 months. I am very proud of myself💜 in November I will have been recovering for a year as well. I have come SUCH a long way, and I am so proud of myself❤️ from being  sucidal, in mental hospitals now to recovering, loving myself, and being happy☀️

️So thing around home have been hard. My mom and I have been fighting that past two days. Which was very difficult but we worked it out. My little sister has been having a hard time in school, my mom homeschools us, so it is extremely hard on her. Also my mom has some mental heath issues like me and is having a hard time right now. It’s hard seeing her struggle, and my sister struggle. But I am doing all I can to help mom, I know I can’t fix it but I can be there, help out and listen.

But there are some very exciting activities that are finally here! My theater class started, even thou I didn’t get the part I can still pretty excited. My co-op homeschool class starts in 2 weeks, it where homeschoolers take classes like yearbook, drama, choir, etc. So I will just be with people my age. YES😱😱 my life group at church starts next week, so I am finally going to make some friends!! YAY!💗💗

Last but not least, I have started advocare. It’s a diet plan where you eat right, get heathy, and loss weight. I can’t wait to the results and finally feel good!☀️I need to loss weight but mostly I need to be heathy. Also I have started exercising which is difficult but along with this diet I will feel 10 times better💗

So things are looking good☀️

I hope you have an amazing day babe! I love you so much❤️

See you soon!💜

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