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Depression sucks

Hey guys! 

So this week has been really rough. I have been really depressed and I have been having some suicidal thoughts. (Don’t worry I am not going anywhere.) I called my doctor because my medicines aren’t working and he wants me to go into a hospital. I have been to mental hospitals four times and none of those times did it help me. So I am NOT going to a hospital. I just don’t know what to do. I just got to get better and get my medicine straight. Depression sucks. Mental illness sucks.

But somehow, I am making it.

You can make it to babe.

Don’t give up on me now!

I love you!

Thanks for listening beautiful😘

-xoxo Renae💕

3 thoughts on “Depression sucks”

  1. My older son suffers from bipolar as well and I know all the ups and downs..I used to tell him..the good part about being down is that you will eventually go up..he’d laugh and say sure ma..but I know it’s not easy and people can be mean and say get over it..not knowing that the person truly wants to..so I’ll tell you too..it’ll soon pass and you’ll be ok..make every moment count even when u feel down. Just by this post you gave someone out there hope.
    Bless you!!!

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