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Rock Bottom

Hey guys so I have hit rock bottom. I am very depressed and suicidal. But I am making it. I am doing all the things I need to do: take my medicine, got to therapy, go see my doctor, and using my coping skills. I am trying my hardest but I still don’t want to live anymore. Don’t worry I am not going to give up anytime soon. My doctor is putting me on a new medicine, I really hope that helps. Rock Bottom is rough. Suicidal thoughts are crazy. Depression is a rough battle to fight but I am fight it. My doctor wants to put me in a hospital (aka mental hospital.) I probably won’t go because I have been to a mental hospital four time and it never helped. I don’t know about the hospital thing but we’ll see. 

Anyways, I am going to keep going. I am not giving up. 

Don’t you dare give up on me babe. Remember that you are loved, you are not alone, you matter, keep going. 

If you are helping depressed or suicidal please tell someone and get the help you need. I promise you it will get better.

Thank you for listening to me!

-xoxo Renae💜

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