Daily life

Making it

Hey guys I hope you are doing well.

Right now I am making it. I am not going into a mental hospital (YAY!) but don’t worry I am NOT harming myself. My parents are keeping a close eye on me. I am very depressed and suicidal. I am not harming myself but I have the thoughts of wanting to. I am still doing things like laundry, writing, crocheting, reading, stuff like that. I am still moving and doing things despite how hard it is. I am now having therapy twice a week and I see my doctor soon. I am just making it. I don’t know how I am making it but I am. It’s hard. Depression sucks. Mental illness is the worst. I can’t sugar coat how hard it is for me right now but I am making it. That’s what matters. I am going to continue to make it no matter how hard it gets.

You keep going to babe.

I love you💜

-xoxo Renae💕

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