Daily life

Fighting for recovery

After months of being depressed and lately been suicidal. I have decided to fight for recovery. I have been wanting to die and thought about killing myself. I am NOT going to. I am not going to let my illness stop me from living. I want to turn 19 (my birthday is Sunday), graduate the 20th, go to college in the fall. I want to fall in love, get married, have cats as my children (hehe😂), major in writing in college, publish my book, finish my other books, there is so much I want to do. I can’t kill myself now, I have to many things to do. I am not saying I won’t feel depressed or suicidal. But I am saying I am not going to give up. I am ready to fight for recovery. I want to get better. I am ready to be stable again. I want to be happy. I am going to fight for recovery. Today I have been cleaning like crazy and I am going to my karate class again despite how depressed I have been. I am fighting. I can do this. I am going to get better. I am done trying to die. I am ready to live again.

That is my conclusion! 

Come on babe, let’s fight for recovery together. I am not saying you won’t feel depressed but you won’t let depression get the best of you.

We won’t give up!

We will fight for recovery!

I believe in you babe.

I love you!

Let’s fight for recovery!💕

-xoxo Renae💜

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