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Night time is the worst

During the day, I am normally a little down but not to bad. Yesterday I was busy the morning and afternoon by cleaning but at night time, I got really down. Today I am going to my biology lab class and therapy. But tonight, I may get really down. 

At night time is the worst. It’s when the suicidal thoughts hit. I just want to end my pain. I feel so depressed. I feel empty and numb. I want to do anything to help my pain. I have had thoughts of cutting myself. (I have never cut myself, YAY!) Night time is the worst but I just have to keep going through the night. I know night time is the worst so at night I need to use my coping skills. I love reading, writing, and crocheting. I just have to be aware that night time is rough but I have to keep going despite how much I want to give up.

I am fighting babe. I am going to get better. I am going to keep going, no matter what!

You keep going to babe.

I love you!

-xoxo Renae❤️

2 thoughts on “Night time is the worst”

  1. Well done good and faithful servant…those words can sustain you. One day, when the time is yours, you will leave this earth and hear those words. Until then, fight for life…for joy of life…not just tolerance of life.
    Praying that today you will have a moment of clouds parting and light shining just for you! even if it’s brief…look for it.:)

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