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I keep going

So guys. Lately I have been really depressed. Last night the suicidal thoughts came back, but I didn’t do anything. It’s just been really hard being so depressed. At night time is when it hits, it’s just exhausting. Throughout the day I am okay, it’s just when the sadness hits, it’s hell. But I am making it. I still do things throughout the day. I go places, keep up with chores, write poetry, yesterday I practiced golf (yes I play golf and it’s awesome.) So I am not letting depression stop me from living my life. It’s just hard. Being depressed is exhausting. But I am not giving up. I keep on going despite what depression thinks. So I am making it. It’s hard but I am making it.

You keep going to babe.

I believe in you!

I love you!

Thank you for listening!

-xoxo Renae💜

3 thoughts on “I keep going”

  1. Things will get better Renae! What really helped me get through depression was keeping a gratitude journal with a list of all the things I accomplished that day even if they were little things like; I woke up, brushed my hair, eat breakfast, etc. Maybe that would help? I’ll be praying for you!

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