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Doing SO MUCH Better💜💕

Hey guys!

I have great news: I am doing SOO much better!

It turns out, me feeling depressed was just because I was so anxious over starting college. I started college last week and IT IS AWESOME!😱👍🏻 I made two new friends, love my classes, and my teachers. I am very excited about it!

Since I have started college, my mood has gotten sooooo much better! I feel like myself again.😊💕

I decided my major to be in:

(Drum roll please)


I want to be a singer and songwriter! I started voice lessons and I started back singing at my church.

I am very excited about what college holds for me, where my career in music will go, having new friends, and having a stable mood.

Things are looking up and I am excited about it❤️💕💜

Thank you for listening! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you so much💕


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