Daily life

I am back and in pain💙

Hey beautiful!💜💕

I am sorry it’s been so long since I have posted, life is pretty busy when you are in college!

I have good news: my depression is MUCH better! So yay!😊💕

Bad news: I am being treated for fibromyalgia. I have been in pain for weeks. Today I saw the doctor and he is starting me on pain medicines. So physically I have been horrible. In pain all the time. So yeah, it’s been rough.

But I am making. Just taking it one day at a time. Sometimes I get really depressed when I hurt very badly. But that’s just life with fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and bipolar.

Good news: in college I am doing great! I got a 90 on my paper I had to write! Yay! I also decided to follow my dream and major in writing! (You can check out all my writing on wattpad, my username is: @renaeloveswriting )

I am pretty excited about being a writing major💜💕😊

I hope you all are doing great!❤️

Thank you for listening!💜

I love you all!💕

-xoxo Renae💜💕❤️

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