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Hits Like A Hurricane💙

Hey beautiful!💜

Today I got a massage and it felt AMAZING!😍😍❤️ For about an hour I had NO PAIN! YAY HAPPY DANCE!😃😃

But now,

I am hurting again.

And it hit like a hurricane.💙

So now I am hurting really badly and feeling very down. I feel really down and depressed when I hurt like hell (excuse the language but it’s true).

Yeah so, I am just going to have to deal with the pain and keep going.

But I was wondering,

Would you guys like me to post my poetry on here?

Comment below!❤️

You can read ALL my books on Wattpad and my username is: @renaeloveswriting

You can find me on Twitter as @renaethewriter

You can find me on Instagram as @renaeloveswriting and on @jesusandmentalillness

So that’s that!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Thank you so much for reading!❤️

Remember to comment below if you want me to post my poetry!💜

I love you so much❤️

-xoxo Renae💙

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