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My pain is killing me

Hey beautiful!❤️

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I know I had a great Christmas💚❤️

I am SOOO sorry it’s been so long since I have updated on here. I hope you haven’t forgotten about me💖

Update on me:


I have been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am in constant pain in my back and legs. I have been seeing a chiropractor but honestly it only helps for a few hours then I go back to constant pain. So please pray for me❤️


I have been depressed. My physical pain makes me very depressed. I have a new therapist and have been working on my past from my ex abusive boyfriend. I wrote a letter to myself telling myself that I forgive myself. My new step is to forgive him (ex abusive boyfriend.) I am scared to face my past but I am ready to heal from it and finally move on💜

I promise I will update more this new year! I hope you have an amazing day! I love you so much and thank you for reading❤️

-xoxo Renae💖

1 thought on “My pain is killing me”

  1. hi and prayers for God’s total healing anointing and blessings. NOTHING is impossible for Him. No affliction is beyond His reach and grip of grace. Thank u so much for visiting and following me at LightRoom — 5wise.wordpress.com — Shalom

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