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Trying very hard

Hey everyone❤️ I know it’s been a while since I have posted on here so here’s an update❤️


I am very depressed right now due to my physical pain. I feel very sad, down, and depressed all the time. Sometimes I even feel suicidal. I am trying very hard to make the best out of things. I am working hard in therapy. I am doing therapy online which has been helping. My psychiatrist has changed around some of my medicines which hopefully that will help soon. I am trying very hard despite how down I feel.


My physical pain is unbearable. I am officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a rheumatoid disease. My pain has gotten so bad that I now use a wheelchair. But for some reason I am having OBGYN problems (I will Save you the details). So on Thursday I see a specialist in OBGYN. I am hoping that doctor can really help me. We (me and my parents) believe if we can find out what’s going on with my OBGYN issues, my pain can get better. I am praying so hard that this doctor actually helps me unlike so many doctors I have seen. I just got to get better. I want to get better so bad. My pain is still horrible but I am trying very hard❤️

That’s an update on me! I will keep you guys updated on what happens with my appointment on Thursday. Please keep me in your prayers💜

Thank you so much for reading! You can always comment what post you would like me to post next❤️

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I love you all!❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️

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