Daily life

I am doing so much better!

Hey everyone I have some amazing news! I am doing so much better! The pain medicines I take for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid disease are finally working! But sadly I am still not pain free. I still struggling with pain after I do a lot. But thankfully I am not in constant pain! Praise God!❤️


I am SOOO much better! I am have one more therapy session left and then I graduate from therapy! Which means I am doing sooo good mentally that I can graduate from therapy💖 it’s nice being happy and much better💜


I don’t hurt constantly (PRAISE JESUS!) But I still do feel pain after doing a lot of things. After now I am in pain because I have been out and about a lot of the day. It’s so much better so I can’t complain😊❤️

Thank you everyone who has supported me on my journey! I thank you all for your love, support, and prayers💜

I love you all❤️

Have an amazing day!💖

-xoxo Caty💛

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