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Traveling is rough with Fibromyalgia

Hey everyone! So the past couple days I have been traveling to go to my grandad. My grandmas passed away in March. It’s been really rough on my Grandad because he loved my grandma so much.

Anyways, I packed my bags and went on a trip for the first time in two years! (I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago).

The eight hour car ride was exhausting and made me hurt so bad. But thankfully now I am here and finally a little bit better.

It’s hard traveling but fibromyalgia but it’s been worth it to get out of the house and see my grandad.

Update on me:


doing good for the most part mentally. I just have a terrible time sleeping. It takes me hours to go to sleep. But I also have been drinking to much caffeine. I am done drinking it too late in the day. I have a new sleep medicine so hopefully that will help But mentally I am good❤️


Traveling hurts but as long as I rest and take my pain pills, I feel better. Today I am feeling better since I have rested. know it will hurt traveling home. I still struggling with pain but once I rest I feel better. Praise Jesus❤️🙏🏻

Also, did you guys know I have a podcast called Jesus Saves Ministry Podcast. The goals of my podcast to help you learn more and grow closer to Jesus our King. Also is to lead and help others to Christ. You matter and your story matters💖

Here’s the links:

Apple Podcast:




Google Podcast:


Thank you all for reading! I love you so much! Have a wonderful day❤️💜💖

-xoxo Caty💖

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