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Weather DOES affect Fibromyalgia

If anyone was wondering if storms and rain affect fibromyalgia IS DOES!❤️

Today I am still here with my granddad and it’s raining so my back is hurting. I am having to stay on the heating pad a lot. But I am happy to be here with my Grandad I know He has been lonely💜

Update on me:

Mentally: I am pretty good. My mood has been really good today😊

Physically: since it’s been raining I have been hurting more. But I can’t complain but pain is still MUCH MUCH better❤️ but I still struggle with pain but it’s better. I am not complaining💜

Did you guys know I have YouTube channel where I talk about Jesus? It’s called Jesus Saves Ministry YouTube Channel where I talk about topics like identity, Hope, how to hear from God, healing, joy, and so much more.

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Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you all have an amazing day. If you have any questions or topics you would like me to write about, just comment below!⬇️⬇️

I love you all!❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️

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