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A list of things I have learned since I have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses

A List Of Things I Have Learned I have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses

1. People will leave you when you get sick even more so when you are chronically ill. Your true friends will stay by your side and help you through this.

2. There is NO SHAME in applying for disability, sitting in a wheelchair, or asking for help.

3. If you are young and sick, some doctors won’t believe you. But you still need to keep trying till you find a doctor who helps.

4. Never EVER give up! Keep going no matter how hard it is.

5. Being chronically ill makes everything exhausting, even sitting in a chair.

6. Hardly anyone truly understands being chronically ill. You understand if you have it and been through it. Or have had a close loved one been through it.

7. A chronic ILLNESS is a real ILNESS is NOT all in your head.

8. Not every treatment works for every patient, every patient is different. So just say: “well this helped my aunt who had it,” DOESN’T help because honey, believe me, I have tried it ALL.

9. Chronic illness makes doing housework ten times harder. Someday I hurt so bad I can’t do any house work.

10. Chronic illness doesn’t make you weak, selfish, or lazy.

11. It’s make you strong, powerful, and a WARRIOR! So keep on fighting Warrior!❤️


I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading! Have a blessed day! I love you so much❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️

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