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I am learning to live again☀️

Hey everyone! So today I saw my doctor and he increased my medicine which that medicine has been helping. I am very excited and feeling very hopeful about this medicine increase☀️

My doctor also did the paperwork where I can have a handicap parking tag. Which will really help. It hurts me SO much to walk a lot and I usually have to use my wheelchair so this handicap parking tag will really help💜

I know I am not in the best circumstances but I am trying very hard to be happy and make the best of it💖

Even though right now I am hurting pretty bad I am in a good mood💜

Tonight I am going out to eat with my family. Even though I know I will hurt, I am going out anyways.

It’s time I start living again and not just surviving.

I am learning to live again☀️

I know I will have my bad day and bad moments.

But will keep going and never give up💖

This fall I am going to college on campus. I am not living on my campus but my classes will be on campus. I am nervous and excited.

I am ready,

To live again!

Come with me on my journey,

As I am learning to live again❤️❤️


Thank you so much for reading! I love you all!💖

-xoxo Caty☀️💜💖

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