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Bad pain day

Today I had an appointment to schedule my wisdom teeth surgery.

Of course it was raining which means it hurts my back REALLY BAD.

I was already to go to the appointment but when I got in the car to go, I got nauseated because my back pain was SOO bad.

Even though my pain is better, days like today remind me that I am not cured.

I am still struggling with fibromyalgia.

Today was a bad pain today.

Thankfully I canceled my appointment and for the rest of the night I will rest.

Living with fibromyalgia is rough but lately I have been more joyful☀️

Even though I am still struggling with pain I focusing on having a positive attitude despite still being in pain. I want to be happy and joyful despite my pain💖

So I am not focusing on my pain anymore. I am focusing on things that make me happy like: writing, reading, crocheting, doing my Podcast, and petting my cats🐱

I want to live a happy life no matter how much I hurt from fibromyalgia💖

So I am going to live despite my pain!👍🏻❤️

But tonight I will rest❤️💖💜


Thank you so much for reading! I love you all!❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️💖💜

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