Daily life

Hanging in there

Hey everyone❤️

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Here’s an update on me:


Honestly not so good. I have been in a lot of back pain from fibromyalgia. Everyday I hurt and it’s exhausting. I have still been going to school everyday and doing my homework but I am always in pain. It’s been better till this week. This week has been rough. I have been making it but it’s been rough.


I still feel down due to being in so much physical pain but I don’t think I am depressed. So yay!💜 but my anxiety has been really bad. I feel so anxious all the time and it’s been keeping me up at night. I messaged my doctor so hopefully that will help.

This week has been rough but hopefully next week will be better💖

Despite my struggles I am still hanging in there. You hang in there to❤️

Keep going, I believe in you❤️💜💖


I have been updating on my YouTube channel called Jesus Saves Ministry. I update every Friday and last Friday’s Video was about what to do when you are struggling with depression.

Here’s the link to my channel:


Here’s the link to last week’s video:

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!❤️

I love you all❤️

-xoxo Caty💜💜💗❤️

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