Daily life

I’m not okay and that’s okay

Hey everyone❤️

Here’s an update on on me:


Fibromyalgia is killing me. I have been in so much pain. I have still gone to school and done my homework but it’s been rough. On top of that, I am having stomach issues. I will probably have to have a colonoscopy. I have had blood work done, I am having to do an x-Ray next week. I see my GI doctor next week to see if he wants me to do a colonoscopy. So that’s been stressful. My stomach and back are hurting.


I am stressed, down, overwhelmed, sad, exhausted, and maybe depressed. I am stressed and overwhelmed with my health being so bad. I just feel really down every night. I don’t know if I am down due to my health being bad or if I am depressed.

Hopefully next week I will get some answers about my stomach problems.

Till then I am just hanging in there❤️

It’s been rough. I’m exhausted but I will keep going💜

It’s okay not to be okay and right now I am not okay but that’s okay❤️

I will keep going and you keep going to babe💖


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I love you all❤️

Thank you for reading❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️

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