Daily life

Doing much better❤️

Hey everyone and welcome back! I hope you are doing well and here is an update from me:


I am feeling much better!💛💛 I don’t feel depressed! Yay! Sometimes I get down due to my physical pain but my depression and anxiety is SOO much better!❤️😊💜💖 I have been working in therapy about the abuse I went through. So that has been tough but honestly I am doing so good❤️


I am still in a lot of pain. But I am making it❤️ I have been having to wear my tents unit a lot but it really helps. Even though I am still in pain I am trying not to focus on it. I am doing better and I am going to focus on that❤️

I realized that I have been spending all my time focusing on my pain and depression but no more! I will only focus on the positives in my life and focus on how good I am doing💜💖💛❤️

I am doing good and I am going to enjoy it!❤️


Thank you so much for reading! I love you all! See you next week!❤️


If you love my blog than be sure to check my podcast called: “Chronically Caty” it’s a Podcast all about hope for those how are struggling with mental and/or chronic illnesses. So please check it out!❤️

Here are the links:

Chronically Caty Podcast on Apple Podcast:


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-xoxo Caty❤️

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