Daily life

Not doing good at all

Hey everyone❤️ welcome back! Here’s an update from me:


Honestly I am very depressed. I know I am probably depressed due to being in so much unbearable pain from fibromyalgia. But depression is depression and it’s sucks. I still keep going: go to school, do my homework, shower, do chores, use my coping a skills, but I still feel depressed. I’m not okay. I’m not alright. But I am making it. I am not giving up (even though I think about giving up a lot). I just keep going❤️


My pain from fibromyalgia is unbearable. I am in constant chronic pain every minute of every day. I hurt so bad and it’s makes me so depressed. I feel sad, depressed, and I cry a lot. I am going to see a pain management clinic soon so hopefully that will help. I am seeing a new Chircopractor on Monday. So hopefully, something will help. Ugh. I just feel horrible. But I am making it. I am just taking it one day at a time💜

I do have some good news: my some of my poems are going to be published in a book by a poetry publishing company! Yay!❤️

So I am really not okay.

I’m really not alright.

But I am making it.

I am hanging in there.

Just taking each day, one minute at a time💖


Thank you so much for reading! I love you all. See you next week!❤️💜💖

-xoxo Caty❤️💜💖

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