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Hoping this nerve block works❤️

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had an amazing week. Here is an update on me:

Big news: tomorrow I have my first nerve block. I am excited, scared, nervous, but mostly just hoping it works💖


Even though my physical pain has been unbearable but mood has been really good. I don’t feel depressed which is amazing and really helps. It’s nice to say I feel good mentally🧡


Awful. Horrible. Unbearable. I have been without my tens unit because my last one broke (UGH) so I have been in more pain than normal. I get my new tens unit Monday (YAY!). So I haven’t been doing much because my pain has been so bad. So yeah it’s been awful.

I also have some good news, I have applied to go into a school of ministry. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow if I am being accepted or not. So I may not be going to college this spring but instead following my dream and going into a school of ministry. So fingers crossed I get in!❤️💜💖🧡

Thank you so much for reading! Please keep me in your prayers and/or thought for tomorrow for my nerve block.

I love you all! See you again next week💖

-xoxo Caty❤️💖💜🧡

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