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Doing much better☀️

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Welcome back❤️ here another update on me:


So I thought I was getting really depressed again but it turns out that the medicine in the nerve blocks is a steroid so when you have bipolar (like me) steroids make you manic or depressed. So I am not depressed! Yay! Turns out it was just the nerve block medicine messing with my brain. But since I had figured that out I am doing much better and feeling happier❤️💖💜☀️🧡


I had a nerve block this week which really helped! This nerve block has really helped! It works for about two days and then I started hurting again. But sadly my tens unit is giving me a rash😓 which is really frustrating because I have to wear it all the time to function. So I have had been having to wear it less. So please pray my tens unit stops giving me a rash because I have to wear it😅 but honestly I feel like my pain is getting better. It’s not gone and I am not pain free but my pain is better❤️💖💖

So all and all I am doing better. I start school of ministry tomorrow and I am super excited about it!❤️🧡💖💜☀️


Remember I do a podcast called Jesus Saves Ministry where I talk about all things Jesus. I talk about hope, love, joy, rest, peace, guidance, faith, depression, pain, sorrow, anxiety, and so much more!❤️

Here are the links:

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Thank you so much for reading! I love you so much and see you next week❤️💖💜

-xoxo Caty❤️💜💖

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