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I am depressed and in unbearable pain

Hey everyone! I am back! I am sorry it’s been so long since I have post but here I am, and here is an update on me:


I feel depressed (again). I believe it’s chemical this time because I have been feeling depressed for months but now I believe it chemical so I will message my psychiatrist to see if we can change some of my medicines. I know with my physical pain being horrible as it has been that doesn’t help. But yeah I feel depressed again. I just feel empty, numb, and sad for no reason. So yeah. But hopefully I will feel better soon with the help of my doctor.


Unbearable. I have been in a flare for the past few days. My pain has just been unbearable. It’s killing me. It’s exhausting and ugh I hate it.

Good news:

I have another pain procedure on Tuesday it’s like a nerve block but stronger so that should help for a few days. Then if that is successful I will be another procedure where the doctor will burn my nerves. So I am hopefully that these procedures will help❤️💜💖

I am sorry if it sounds like I am complaining. I am not I am just stating how life really is when you live with constant chronic pain and mental illnesses.

Thank you for listening! I will try to start posting weekly again❤️💜💖

I love you all!❤️💜💖

Remember you can find all my links here:


-xoxo Caty❤️💜💖

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