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Poem by me: I’m Trapped Inside a Prison of Pain

Hey everyone, I am so sorry it’s been so long since I have updated. Today I don’t really feel like doing an honest update but instead I am going to post a poem so here it is:

I’m Trapped Inside a Prison of Pain

I’m trapped,

Inside a prison of pain.

There is no light here.

Only the darkness,

And my demon

My demon is:


Fibromyalgia causes me:

Unbearable, constant, and chronic back pain.

He stabs my back with thousands of knives.

He never stops.

He is always making me hurt.

He makes me cry out in pain.

He makes me want to die.

He keeps me trapped,

In this prison of pain.

Mentally, I have so many plans.

But fibromyalgia,

Says hell no to all my ideas.

Mentally, I want to get better.

But with fibromyalgia,

There is no “getting better.”

Only: “getting used to it.”

I want to break free.

I want to break out of this prison.

But sadly,

I am chained to a wall,

With no hope of escape.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is no hope of “getting better.”

Fibromyalgia beats me constantly.

Sometimes I wonder:

“Is life even worth it?”

I even doubt my faith in God.

How could a good God,

Let fibromyalgia kill me day and night?!

Why is this happening to me?

Why won’t God save me from this prison?!

But God’s answer,

Is no.

So forever and ever,

I will always be trapped,

In a prison of pain.


Thank you so much for reading everyone. Thank you for all your love and support❤️💗💜 I love you all❤️💗💜

-xoxo Caty❤️💗💜

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