Daily life

I am truly happy🌞💜🥰💗

Hey everyone! I am sorry it’s been so long since I have updated. But here is an honest update on me:

I am truly happy🌞🌞 so a few weeks ago I started dating this amazing guy. He is so sweet, kind, and treats me like a princess. It’s truly amazing and he is today a gift from God💜 Ever since I started dating him, I have become really happy. Even though he really makes me happy, I have been so changes to myself that have truly helped. I go out now on the weekends when he is off work. One day I stayed out till 12:30 am. I have been walking the whole time on our dates. I never thought I could walk for hours let alone date and stay out late. But I have proven to myself that I can do things. I have proven to myself that my life is worth living. I am truly living for the first time in years and I am loving it💗💜

I still have pain from my fibromyalgia, that hasn’t changed. But honestly, I don’t think about it all the time. Even though I have constant chronic back pain, it’s not the center of my life anymore. It doesn’t define me. When people used to ask me: “how are you doing?” I would always talk about my pain. But now I talk about how happy I am. Because for the first time in my life, I am happy💗💜🥰🌞

I am changing for the better and I am truly loving my life now. I used to think that since I had fibromyalgia my life has over. But now I see I have so much more to my life than just fibromyalgia. Yes I have fibromyalgia but I also am Caty who is happy and is living a life she loves. I love my life despite my pain. I am happy being with my boyfriend and I am good🌞🥰💜💗

So that’s the update on me💗 I am happy💜🥰🌞😊

Thank you so much for reading, loving, and supporting me. I haven’t decided if I will continue to update this blog. If you still want me to update please comment below because I am honestly thinking about not posting anymore. Because I don’t need to talk about my pain or depression anymore. Because I am so happy💗😊

I love you!💜🥰😘💗

-xoxo Caty💗💜🥰😘❤️🌞

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