So yesterday that coolest thing happened to me, and really showed my things are looking up for me. Here is the story:

So a few weeks ago I went to a homeschool group party, where homeschoolers and their parents just come and hang out. I say with a group of teens around my age (GUYS I WALKED UP TO THEM ,ASKED TO SIT DOWN, AND INTRODUCED MYSELF. THAT WAS HUGE FOR ME😱☺️☺️). I talked to a bunch of people, two twin boys, and didn’t think anyone really noticed me. I was wrong. So the twin boy’s mom message my mom and asked if I was going to the bowling party on Friday. Mom gave me a look like “😏😏😏”, and it made me really happy! That people want to hang out with me, and be my friend. I can’t tell you the last time someone went out of their way to hang out with me. It made me SOO happy, and I am still smiling about it☺️ PEOPLE LIKE ME, THEY REALLY LIKE ME!😱😱 so I am going to on Friday night☺️ so I am sure I will be hanging out with them☀️

So yesterday just showed me that good things are going my way. That this year I am FINALLY gonna have some friends. I just feel like this year going to be great, things are looking up for me💗

Would you guys please keep my sister in your prayers? She is having a really hard time, she may have ADD, ADHD, or just her anxiety acting up. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that we can find out what is going on and get her better. Thank you babe, you are the best😘

I hope you have a super awesome day! Love you❤️

See you soon!💜

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