Daily life

Rough weekend but feeling better today❤️

Hey everyone.

On my last post I talked about how I was going to sing on my church’s worship team by sitting in a chair the whole time.

I went on Saturday to sing and they NEVER got me a chair.

I had to stand.

It was horrible.

As soon I was done singing I was crying because I was in SOOO MUCH PAIN. The pain was UNBEARABLE.

I spent the whole day on Sunday in UNBEARABLE pain and crying most of the day.

I was in a flare and it was the worst flare I have had in a longggg time.

Everything HURT.

My whole body HURT.

I was crying so much.

It felt like knives were constantly stabbing me.


Thankfully today I am feeling better. I am still in pain but I am better❤️

My mood is better and I believe the flare is passing.💖

But I am still NEVER singing there again. They didn’t help someone with disabilities. They didn’t help me. They promised me a chair and they lied.

Now I am just going to rest❤️


Thank you so much for reading! I love you all❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️

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