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Amazing news❤️💜💖

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well! I have some very good news to share with all of you:

I saw my doctor for my fibromyalgia last week and he increased my pain medicine. But my doctor believes I don’t have fibromyalgia. He believe my chronic pain is due to my sleep apnea. He told me of a mouth guard I can get that will help. He believes that with my mouth guard and using my sleep apnea machine, I can get better! He said it will take a few months but I can get better and maybe even be pain free!!!😊😊💛💛❤️❤️

I am very excited about that news! I can get better!😊❤️💜💖

Here’s an update on me:


I have been doing okay. In therapy I am working hard on overcoming the abuse I went through. So I have been struggling with overcoming my past. But for the most part, I am really good. My mood has gotten a lot better😊❤️💜💖 I feel happy!❤️💛💖💜


I am still in a lot of pain. My tens unit broke and I use it a lot. So that’s been hard because my pain is better with my tens unit. I get a new tens unit on Tuesday so that is good. I have been resting on the heating pad a lot because I have been in a lot of pain. But I am making it. I am hanging in there❤️

Overall I am doing very well and very excited about what the future holds! I am doing really good in college and have made some friends. In the fall I might be doing an internship with my favorite teacher. It’s an internship for English majors (I am an English major). So hopefully I will get the internship!❤️💛💜💖

I am doing really good❤️😊💜💖


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Thank you so much for reading! I love you all! I will see you all again next week!❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️❤️

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