Daily life

I am making it, day by day💛

Hey everyone! Welcome back!❤️ I hope you have had a wonderful week. I do have some good news to share:

Good news: my procedure I am done (which was a branch block which is like a nerve block but stronger) it was a success!💛 my pain was gone for a whole day and one half of a day❤️ it was sooo nice not hurting😍 so now in two weeks I am having that same procedure done. Then if that works my doctor will do a major procedure where they burn my nerves. So I am very excited and scared at the same thing😬😅

Mentally: I have been up and down. Mostly down. I have just been feeling pretty down and depressed since my physical pain has been come back and been horrible. But today I have been in a great mood which is awesome❤️💜💛 I am just taking it, day by day and just keep making through each day💙

Physically: since my pain has come back it’s been awful. It’s been unbearable these past few days. It’s been raining and rain always makes me hurt more. But today my pain is better so that’s good. And soon I have my second procedure. So even though the pain, there are good things coming❤️💜💖💙💛

Even though it’s been tough lately. I have been making, day by day. I will continue to make it, day and day❤️💜💖💛💙

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Thank you for reading and listening! I love you so much! See you next week!❤️🤗

-xoxo Caty❤️💜💖💙

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