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I am doing SOO much better💗

Hey everyone! I am so sorry it’s been so long since I updated but now I am back!

Here’s an update on me:

Mentally: I am doing SOO much better! My mood has been great!💜💗💖 since I have been taking a new medicine for my pain, my mood has been hopeful💛 I am finally feeling happy again💛


I have been in some pain but it comes and goes. So it’s no longer unbearable constant pain! Yay💜 this new medicine I am on has been life changing. My pain is not gone but most days it’s under control. Now this weekend I have been in a lot of pain but I am making💜 I am just so happy I am doing so much better💛

Good news: I started back college last week and it went really well! I am excited for this new semester and I love all my teachers💗

Things are going great, I couldn’t be happier💛

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Thank you so much for reading! I love all your support and love💜 I will try to update this blog weekly but if I don’t it’s because I am doing school work💛

-xoxo Caty💗💗💗

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