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Making the most of my life while in pain❤️💗

Hey everyone so I am back so here is an honest update on me:


I am up and down. Some days like today I am in a really good mood and I don’t know why. Other days I am down in pit or depression and cry a lot. So my moods are like a bipolar roller coaster 😂 but today I am in a good mood so I am going to enjoy it❤️💜


Goodness I am in so much pain. My pain has awful, unbearable, and so frustrating. It’s just constant chronic back pain that wears me down. It’s makes me so down and sad. Dealing with fibromyalgia makes me want to pull my hair out. My pain has been so bad lately and it’s exhausting. Hurting 24/7 is very depressing. I do my best to not let me bring me down but sometimes it just does. It’s hurt to be okay when you are in constant chronic back pain. It’s hard to do life when I am in constant pain.

But you know I am doing my best. Everyday I get up and go to college and do my work. So I am making the best of a really hard circumstances. I do find joy in life in my writing, crocheting, college, and petting my cats🐱🐱🐱

But I do have some amazing news! Next semester I am doing an internship at my school where I will be editing, writing, and publishing a magazine with my college. I am so excited about this because what I want to do with my degree is to be a book publisher and editor. So I am doing an internship in my career field. So I am super happy about it and I start it next semester❤️💜💗🥰💛

Even though I am in pain and my mood are up and down. I am still enjoying and making the best of my life. So I am proud of myself for that❤️💗💗🥰

Thank you so much for reading and for all your love and support❤️💗💗

I love you all❤️💜🥰💛💙🧡

-xoxo Caty❤️💗💗🥰💛🧡💙

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